Tumbler Care Instructions

Taking care of items that aren't mass produced can be a little tricky at times. Have you recently purchased a tumbler and are unsure how to give your item the longevity that it needs? Below you will find instructions on how to keep your item damage free. 


  • Please Do Not Drop your custom cup. Yes, we are aware that accidents happen, but because your item is sealed with epoxy it is likely it will be damaged if it hits a hard surface.
  • Please Do Not put tumbler into the microwave. Your item is not microwave safe, do to the chemical mixture in the epoxy. To avoid hazard, please pour hot liquids directly into cup instead.
  • Please Do Not soak your cup. The epoxy will begin to fog damaging the design if it sits in water. To clean your cup please handwash ONLY. Using dish soap and warm water will clean your epoxied item. 
  • Please Do Not leave your item in extreme heat. Like Most cups, the heat damages the material. Your item may very well crack due to the severity of heat. 

If you have any follow up questions about your new cup, please don't be afraid to reach our directly at info@theglamourglass.com